How to Become a Better Leader

In this series of videos, Syd takes off on his regular BBC column to provide added insight on strategy, leadership, and his observations of human nature on and off the job.

The Paleo Diet
Imagine a world where everything we do, in business and in everyday life, is informed by what works, and what doesn’t. It might surprise you to see how far off the mark most of us usually are. Now what happens when it’s the so-called experts who are making the same types of mistakes? Watch the video

Self Confidence
Self-confidence is a prerequisite for senior management positions, but it also is a choice people make. Sometimes all of us, but especially women, act in ways that damage our potential for effective leadership and success. What are the implications for women in the C-Suite, and for top management leadership in general? Watch the video

The Beauty of Creativity
Everyone loves creativity, but many people assume that’s just for other people. In this video I explain why each one of us can be more creative, and how to do it. Watch the video