Why Smart Executives Fail

The Sad Saga of the Schwinn Bicycle Company
Schwinn was one of the greatest brand names in America, for decades. They went from the top to the bottom, and once it started it didn’t take all that long. Here’s the story. Watch the video

The Key To Change: Unlearning the Past
News flash: people are managers too! What this means in practice is actually very serious for each of us as we think about how to succeed, and avoid failure, in our chosen career. Watch the video

Why Learning From Experience Can Be So Dangerous
This is a really challenging point. Your experience as a manager can actually cut both ways, reducing opportunities to adapt and adjust to the world around you. How can this be, and what should you look out for? Watch the video

Why Ron Johnson Failed as CEO of JC Penney
Ron Johnson was the guy who played a role in the development of the wildly-successful Apple stores. His reward was getting the top job at pedestrian retailer JC Penney. Unfortunately, he didn’t really think that Apple and Penney were that different, and so what worked at Apple must surely work at Penney, right? Result: disaster for the company, and a failed 17-month tenure as CEO for Johnson. Watch the video

The Age of Disruption: It Could Happen to You!
Is there any company, anywhere, that is truly immune from disruption? Take a look at some of these examples, and start thinking about your own business, and job, could also be vulnerable. Watch the video

Transitions from the Top
The secret fear of all leaders: If you’ve taken on a big position of responsibility, if you’re a leader, you know what I’m talking about. No matter how confident and prepared we may be for a leadership challenge, there is one thing that sits in the back of our minds. The one thing that just can’t happen on our watch. Watch the video