Think Again: Counter-intuitive Insights About How We Think and Behave

The Strange Psychology of Expectations
Did you like the last book you read? The answer may depend as much on what others say than your own views. Expectations govern our lives much more than we think, affecting our assessment of quality, managers’ ability to adjust to change, and even how we rate our own success. Watch the video

The Tortoise versus the Hare
I like the gunslinger twenty-something start-up entrepreneur as much as the next guy, but ever wonder what happened to good old-fashioned managerial experience? Well I think it’s about time we started talking about the untapped potential of “older” leaders. Watch the video

The Problem with Smart People
Michael Jordan may have been the greatest basketball player ever, but he has been completely unsuccessful in his role as basketball executive. What is it with the smartest and most talented that makes them less effective than we would have thought? Watch the video