Professor Greenhalgh's teaching epitomizes Tuck's emphasis on "theory for practice." With an MBA, a PhD, and post-doctoral credentials, he has strong academic training and an extensive research portfolio, which have facilitated the process of his actually creating the knowledge in his chosen subject areas—not simply passing on what other scholars have written. He combines this knowledge base with extensive real-world management experience. Not only is he a former entrepreneur, consultant, program manager, and purchasing manager, but he has also been involved in teaching or consulting to managers in more than 50 major businesses from all over the world, as well as hundreds of smaller enterprises. This keeps him current on the issues that perplex managers in the rapidly-evolving global economy. Professor Greenhalgh is also unique among business school professors in that he is the author of virtually all of the cases, experiential exercises, and self-assessment tools used in his courses—he even wrote the textbook! Thus, he has developed a strong reputation as a designer of highly relevant learning experiences as well as an effective classroom teacher.

Managing Strategic Business Relationships
This minicourse focuses on how to manage strategic business relationships. Managers in today's organizations must negotiate, use power, and resolve conflicts to manage within and across the organizations' boundaries. The course explores relationships with value chain partners, competitors, parent organizations and subsidiaries, different functional units, bosses, subordinates, and peers. Students participate in simulated situations to develop an effective approach for dealing with people and groups. The course focuses on the individual student and helps to develop an understanding of personal predispositions, strengths and weaknesses, and ethical constraints and obligations.