Leonard Greenhalgh

Professor of Management


Leonard Greenhalgh has taught at Tuck since 1978. He is also Director, Programs for Minority- and Women-Owned Businesses, as well as Director, Native American Business Programs. He teaches an MBA elective course in Managing Strategic Business Relationships. His research interests include changing workforce demographics, supply chain management, negotiation, top management team effectiveness, and managing strategic alliances. He is the author of Minority Business Success: Refocusing on the American Dream, Stanford University Press, 2011; and Managing Strategic Relationships: The Key to Business Success, The Free Press, 2001. More


Minority Business Success: Refocusing on The American Dream  //

Leonard Greenhalgh and James Lowry chart a path for the full participation of minority businesses in the U.S. economy. Learn more

Managing Strategic Relationships  //

This book by Len Greenhalgh is a vital framework for understanding what successful businesses need to do to excel in the new economy. Learn more

Programs for Minority, Women and Native American-Owned Businesses and Supplier Diversity Professionals  //

As minorities become a larger proportion of the entrepreneurial economy, major corporations increasingly depend on how well these businesses are operated—because supplier excellence impacts their own competitive advantage. Len Greenhalgh designs and manages learning experiences for the emerging minority and women-owned supply base, for procurement managers and supplier diversity professionals in major organizations, and to increase the impact of mentor-protégé programs. Learn more






  • PhD, Cornell University, 1979
  • MBA, University of Rhode Island, 1972
  • BS, University of Rhode Island, 1968