Peter Golder's areas of expertise include new products, global marketing, and marketing strategy. recent research looked at how economic conditions affect long-term brand leadership persistence.


Marketing concepts are at the core of every business. Firms have no value without revenue from customers—whether individual consumers, businesses, or organizations—that buy their products and services. Sustainable profitability requires creating, communicating and delivering value for these customers. Thus, understanding the current and potential success of companies requires a thorough understanding of their target markets, customer relationships, product development capabilities, and competitive advantages and disadvantages. This course will enable you to apply marketing tools and concepts and think strategically with a marketing orientation – critical skills for every manager.

Global Marketing

This minicourse will develop your skills in evaluating, developing and implementing global marketing strategies. You will (i) develop a greater appreciation for external forces shaping marketing decisions (i.e., economic, cultural, legal, political); (ii) learn how to identify and evaluate opportunities in global markets; and (iii) adapt marketing programs for specific markets. The course structure is flexible, so that you can tailor the course to meet your personal goals. Lectures and readings will be used to introduce frameworks and findings. Cases will then be used to expand and apply this knowledge in a range of global scenarios. We will analyze and discuss five cases during the mini-term. Each student will work with other students to analyze and present recommendations for one case. Afterwards, the entire class will discuss each case. Each student will prepare a one-page write-up for two additional cases. Beyond case assignments, each student will complete a project focusing on a specific region and industry. The topic you select and the group members you choose (up to two others) are up to you. If you are the only student interested in a particular topic, it is fine to work alone. The project assignment is to conduct an intensive analysis of a country or region and a global marketing situation within that environment. Potential topics include conducting a feasibility study for entering a new market or writing a marketing plan for a specific product in a specific country.