Research & Publications

Publications: Academic Journals (*equal authorship)

  1. Herhausen, Dennis, Lauren Grewal, Krista Hill Cummings, Anne Roggeveen, Francisco V. Ordenes, and Dhruv Grewal, “Complaint Deescalation Strategies on Social Media,” Forthcoming at the Journal of Marketing.
  2. Grewal, Lauren, Eugenia Wu, and Keisha Cutright, “Loved As-Is: How God Salience Lowers Interest in Self-Improvement Products.” Forthcoming at the Journal of Consumer Research.
  3. *Appel, Gil, *Lauren Grewal, *Rhonda Hadi, and *Andrew T. Stephen (2020), “The Future of Social Media in Marketing,” Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 48 (1), 79 - 95.
  4. Grewal, Lauren and Andrew T. Stephen (2019), “In Mobile We Trust: The Effects of Mobile Versus Non-Mobile Reviews on Consumer Purchase Intentions,” Journal of Marketing Research, 56 (5), 791-808.
  5. Grewal, Lauren, Andrew T. Stephen, and Nicole Verrochi Coleman (2019), “When Posting About Products in Social Media Backfires: The Negative Effects of Consumer Identity-Signaling on Product Interest,” Journal of Marketing Research, 56 (2), 197 - 210.
  6. *Grewal, Lauren, *Jillian Hmurovic, Cait Lamberton, and Rebecca Walker Reczek (2019), “The Self-Perception Connection: Why Consumers Devalue Unattractive Produce,” Journal of Marketing, 83 (1), 89 – 107.
  7. Gutchess, Angela H., Rebecca Sokal, Jennifer A. Coleman, Gina Gotthilf, Lauren Grewal, and Nicole Rosa (2015), “Age Differences in Self-referencing: Evidence for Common and Distinct Encoding Strategies.” Brain Research, 1612, 118-127

Publications: Research Reports and Book Chapters  (*equal authorship)

  1. Grewal, Lauren and Andrew T. Stephen (2019), “Identity in the digital age,” Handbook of Research on Identity Theory in Marketing, A. Reed and M. Forehand. Pages 388 – 403.
  2. *Grewal, Lauren, *Jillian Hmurovic, Cait Lamberton, and Rebecca Walker Reczek (2018), “Ugly Food, Negative Feelings: Why Consumers Won’t Pay More for Unattractive Produce.” MSI Research Report, 18-123-08.

Research Under Review (*equal authorship)

  1. Grewal, Lauren, Andrew T. Stephen, and Yakov Bart, “Managing Online Venting: The Impact of Temporal Distance on the Perception of Negative Online Reviews.” Invited revision at the Journal of Marketing Research.
  2. Grewal, Lauren, Prasad Vana, and Andrew T. Stephen, “Brands In Unsafe Places: Effects of Brand Safety Incidents on Consumers’ Brand Attitudes.” Invited revision at the Journal of Marketing Research.
  3. *Grewal, Lauren and *Helen Van der Sluis, “On Disability Accessibility: A Consideration of Perceived Marketplace Tradeoffs and Research Opportunities” Invited revision at the Journal of Consumer Research.
  4. *Grewal, Dhruv, *Lauren Grewal, *Francisco V. Ordenes, Dennis Herhausen, and Stephan Ludwig, “Complaint Resolution in Digital Text-Based Channels: How Employee Assertiveness and Linguistic Style Matching Can Offset Negative Customer Sentiment.” Invited revision at the Journal of Marketing Research.

Selected Working Papers  (*equal authorship)

  1. *Wu, Freeman, *Lauren Grewal, Helen Van der Sluis, and Aradhna Krishna, “Grid or Story? Understanding How Public Stance Placement on Social Media Impacts Firms’ Perceived Commitment to Political Advocacy.”
  2. Hughes, Christian, Lauren Grewal, and J. Jeffrey Inman, “Normative Effects in Sequential Group Decisions: The Role of the First Follower.”
  3. *Schroll, Roland, *Lauren Grewal, and Dhruv Grewal, “Bored Out of Your (Human) Mind: When and Why Boredom Decreases Prosocial Behavior.”
  4. Grewal, Lauren, Peggy J. Liu, and Cait Lamberton “You are What (and How, and with Whom) You Eat: Consumer Food Identity.”

Selected Research in Progress  (listed in order of completeness)

  • “The Role of Parasocial Interactions When Considering Social Media Influencers” with Jared Watson and Shoshana Segal
  • “Mobile Technology: The Role of Apps in Goal Setting and Child Financial Literacy” with Carl-Philip Ahlbom and Dhruv Grewal
  • “When Giving Thanks Means More: A Giver-recipient Mismatch in Preferences for Public or Private Expressions of Gratitude” with Mary Steffel and Dhruv Grewal