Gordon Phillips

Laurence F. Whittemore Professor of Business Administration; Professor of Finance and Faculty Advisor, Center for Private Equity and Venture Capital


Gordon Phillips is the Laurence F. Whittemore Professor of Business Administration and a professor of finance at the Tuck School of Business. He is also a research associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) and a visiting research professor at Tsinghua University in Beijing. He previously taught at the University of Southern California and the University of Maryland. He has been a visiting professor at Harvard Business School (HBS), Duke University, HEC Paris, Insead, MIT, and Southern Mediterranean University. He received his MA and Ph.D. from Harvard University and his undergraduate degree from Northwestern University.

His areas of research include computational linguistics, AI and finance, household finance, corporate finance and how financial decisions impact firms' strategic decisions, and contracting in financial markets.  Recent research published in the Journal of Political Economy, the Journal of Finance and the Review of Financial Studies has been on applying computational linguistics to firm financial statements to analyze merger synergies, dividends and product market competition. Research published in the Journal of Finance has been on real and financial booms and busts and mergers and acquisitions and how firms organize across multiple markets. His work in corporate finance includes studies of private equity issuance, capital structure, Chapter 11 bankruptcy, how leverage buyouts and other forms of high debt influence a firms' and rivals' investment decisions.   He recently presented the keynote address to the Financial Management Association and also a keynote address on PIPEs (private investment in public equity) to an audience of executives and finance professionals. He has served as an associate editor at The Review of Financial Studies and The Journal of Corporate Finance.


Presidential Address at the Midwest Finance Association - March 19, 2021
Finance and Competition
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"Finance and Industrial Organization," Course that covers current issues including computational linguistics analsysis that are explored in a PhD course taught by Gordon M. Phillips at USI in Lugano Switzerland, UNSW in Australia, USC, HEC Paris, Insead, Vienna, Australian Finance Research Network, and the Nordic Finance Network.

"NLP, Machine Learning, and AI in Finance."  Course that covers finance applications of new big data textual methods, including Natural Language Processing (NLP)/ Machine Learning (ML), and Textual Artificial Intelligence (AI). Course examines how this broad area has applications in finance with tools that include simple text processing to more advanced tools such as machine learning and predictive AI.

"Venture Capital and Private Equity." Course covers the VC/PE landscape through the lens of general partners, limited partners, and portfolio companies. Specific topics will include portfolio management, deal origination, in-depth due diligence and financial modeling, transaction structuring and financing, value creation, and performance measurement.

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Keynote Address

Industries and Competition: New Foundations for Corporate Finance and Asset Pricing

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The 2024 FOM Conference will be held at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College. Learn more.

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Data provided by Gerard Hoberg (USC) and Gordon Phillips (Dartmouth). Learn more

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New research paper: “Risk-Adjusted Private Equity Performance Using Individual Portfolio Company Outcomes.” Read the latest research.

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  • Ph.D., M.A., Harvard University, 1991