Research & Publications


Academic Journals

Research Reports and Book Chapters

  • With A. Stephen, "Social Media and Identity,” Handbook of Research on Identity Theory in Marketing, forthcoming, 2019
  • With J. Hmurovic, C. Lamberton, and R. Walker Reczek, “Ugly Food, Negative Feelings: Why Consumers Won’t Pay More for Unattractive Produce,” MSI Research Report, 2018

Research Under Review

  • With C. Lamberton and N. Verrochi Coleman, “You are What (and How, and with Whom) You Eat: Effects of Food Identity,” Journal of Consumer Research, revising

Selected Working Papers​

  • With P. Liu, and E. Baskin, “Goal Pursuit Recommendations and Self-Conscious Emotions: Why and When the Form of Recommendation Affects Closeness and Motivation”
  • With M. Steffel and D. Grewal, “When Giving Thanks Means More: The Impact of Publicly versus Privately Sharing Gratitude in Gift-Giving”
  • With F. Ordenes, D. Grewal, and P. Sarantopoulos, “E-care: The Impact of Dialogue Dynamics in Online Service Resolution”

Selected Research in Progress

  • With E. Wu and K. Cutright “The Role of Religion on Interest in Self-Improvement Products” 
  • With A. Stephen and Y. Bart, “Managing Online Venting: The Impact of Temporal Distance on the Perception of Negative Online Reviews” 
  • With E. Williams and M. Steffel, “Does Sharing Equal Caring?” 
  • With N. Verrochi Coleman and P. Williams, “Mixed Indulgences: When Adding Functionality Does Not Mean Adding Appeal”