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Coverage of Professor Finkelstein’s 2015 Visit to South Korea

핑켈스타인 "변화하지않는기업은위기에빠진다”
Companies that refuse to change and innovate will inevitably experience a challenge

시드니핑켈스타인, 실패에서배우는성공법칙
Strategy for learning from failure

장대환회장, 시드니핑켈스타인부학장과인사
The Maeil Business Newspaper President Chang Dae-hwan and Sydney Finkelstein, Assistant Dean at Tuck, greet each other

Keynote Speaker, Sydney Finkelstein

핑켈스타인다트머스부학장, 리더십은
“Leadership is …”

[포토] 모바일창업의미래를말한다
Discussion on the future of Mobile Startup

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