Research & Publications


Book Chapters, Book Reviews, Other Papers

  • Multi-Level Discourse Analysis: A Structured Approach to Analyzing Longitudinal Data (With Stine Grodal), Forthcoming in The Handbook of Qualitative Organizational Research
  • Programmers and Professionalism: Bringing Technology, Organizations, and Work Back In (with Greg Liegel), Forthcoming in Annotated Volume From UC Davis Qualitative Conference
  • Book Review of Decoding Organization by Christopher Grey, Administrative Science Quarterly (2014)
  • Book Review of Platforms, Markets, and Innovation, ed. Annaballe Gawer; Organization Studies (2011)
  • A Primer on the Internet Supply Chain (with Tom Berquist), Supply Chain Management Review: Sept./Oct. 2000, 40-51.
  • What is the Value of Supply Chain Management Software? Supply Chain Management Review: Winter 1999, 59-67.

Working Papers

  • Task Relations, Technological Innovation, and Jursidictional Change (with Brayden King and Greg Liegel)
  • Conceptual Strategies: Multi-Level Discursive Analysis in Strategy Research (with Stine Grodal)
  • The Logic and Structure of Category Formation (with Christopher Bingham)
  • ‘The Hard-Working Obedient Moron’: The Role of Power and Authority In Computer Use in Insurance, 1947 – 1960s (with JoAnne Yates)
  • Market Crises and the (Re)establishment of Market Order: A Sociological Investigation of the “Fair Market” Rule Implementation in Financial  Markets (with Damon Phillips)