Sharmistha Sikdar currently teaches Marketing Core, a first-year core curriculum class in the MBA program at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. In addition, she will teach MEM Marketing within the Master of Engineering Management (MEM) program at Dartmouth during the Fall 2020 term. See below for course descriptions.

Marketing Core

The marketing course prepares general managers and brand managers to understand the strategic role of marketing and how to apply it in their organizations. The course teaches how to grow a business by thoroughly understanding its current and prospective customers, the only source of a firm's revenue. Companies with high or increasing market capitalizations know how to create, communicate and deliver value to their customers. Students will learn how to create such value by applying a set of frameworks and analytical tools in three areas: identifying market opportunities, setting a marketing strategy, and formulating the marketing mix. Case studies and a competitive simulation exercise are used to develop experience in implementing these frameworks and analytical tools in order to grow a business. Specific course topics include market research, consumer decision making, market segmentation, targeting, positioning, product development, advertising, pricing, and distribution.

MEM Marketing

This course introduces the role of marketing within business firms. Case studies drawn from a wide variety of consumer and industrial products and services provide an opportunity for students to apply concepts and techniques developed in assigned readings. Specific topics include customer analysis, market research, market segmentation, distribution channel policy, product policy and strategy, pricing, advertising, and sales force management. The course stresses oral and written expression and makes use of several computer exercises, spreadsheet analysis, and management simulations.