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Changing Strategy for Today’s World with Ron Adner

Jun 28, 2022 // Ron Adner joins the Making Waves at C-Level podcast to discuss his latest book Winning the Right Game, changes from classic disruption to ecosystem disruption, and how leaders can navigate these changes.
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CIOs Look to Foster Innovative It Cultures, Post-COVID

May 20, 2022 // Features Ron Adner and his book Winning the Right Game in an article exploring how companies are approaching innovation following disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
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The 2022 Disruptor 50: How We Chose the List of Companies

May 17, 2022 // Mentions Ron Adner in an article about the 2022 CNBC Disrupter 50, an annual list identifying fast-growing, innovative start-ups on the path to becoming the next generation of great public companies. Adner served on the Disruptor 50 Advisory Council that helped select the included companies.
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Ron Adner: Strategic Guidance for a New World of “Ecosystem Disruption”

May 11, 2022 // A feature interview with Ron Adner about his book Winning the Right Game, business ecosystem disruption, and the new ideas that underlie modern strategy thinking.
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Spotify's $100M diversity pledge is 'half-baked' and 'amounts to a bribe,' experts say

Feb 08, 2022 // Quotes Ron Adner in an article about Spotify's pledge to develop and market content from historically marginalized groups.
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Conversations That Matter: Winning the Right Game

Jan 14, 2022 // A feature interview with Ron Adner about his new book Winning the Right Game and why classic business strategies no longer apply in a world with ecosystem disruptions.
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Tim Cook Surprised Everyone by Making Apple a $US3trn Company

Jan 10, 2022 // Quotes Ron Adner in an article examining Apple’s rise to a $3 trillion market value.
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Apple at $3tn: The Enigma of Tim Cook

Jan 07, 2022 // Continued coverage of comments by Ron Adner examining the performance of Apple under CEO Tim Cook.
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How to Build a Winning Strategy Using Omnichannel

Jan 05, 2022 // Features Winning the Right Game by Ron Adner in an article examining how businesses should approach an omnichannel strategy.
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The 10 Best Business Books of 2021

Dec 29, 2021 // Highlights Winning the Right Game by Ron Adner as one of the best business books of 2021. “A smart book about ecosystems that considers less obvious—but arguably more important—aspects of disruption and technology,” writes Forbes.
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What Are the 3 Biggest Strategic Questions Companies Have to Address Right Now?

Nov 30, 2021 // Highlights Ron Adner and his new book "Winning the Right Game" in an article examining the top strategic questions currently facing businesses.
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Transforming From Traditional Competitor to Ecosystem Powerhouse

Nov 22, 2021 // Ron Adner joins MIT Sloan Management Review for a webinar exploring ecosystem disruption and lessons that can be learned from his new book Winning the Right Game.
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Breakups Usher in a New Era of Corporate Conglomerates

Nov 15, 2021 // Continued coverage of comments by Ron Adner on the breakup of large conglomerates like GE. “You can interpret the current breakups as a concession that the old models aren’t working,” he says.
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Winning the Right Game, with Ron Adner

Oct 14, 2021 // Ron Adner joins “The Gary Bisbee Show” to discuss his new book, Winning the Right Game, which examines how competition in the modern business world is blurring business sector distinctions and how firms can better prepare for or cause ecosystem disruption.
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The 2021 CNBC Disruptor 50: How We Chose the List of Companies

May 25, 2021 // Mentions Ron Adner in an article about the 2021 CNBC Disrupter 50, an annual list identifying fast-growing, innovative start-ups on the path to becoming the next generation of great public companies.
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The Wide Lens in Business with Ron Adner

Mar 17, 2021 // As a guest on the Strategic Financial Leadership podcast, Ron Adner discusses his book The Wide Lens: What Successful Innovators See that Others Miss and how the approach to seeing the bigger strategy picture has been transformative in driving effective innovation in both the corporate and social sectors.
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VMware and IBM Go Full Circle to Dominate the Cloud-Native Ecosystem

Aug 28, 2019 // An article about the efforts of VMware and IBM to be the premier firms in the cloud-native ecosystem mentions research by Ron Adner which finds that it is rarely the innovator that captures most of the long term value from a disruptive idea.
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How We Chose the 2019 CNBC Disruptor 50 Innovators

May 15, 2019 // Highlights Ron Adner, who was on the advisory council for choosing the 2019 CNBC Disruptor 50, a list of companies whose innovations are changing the world.
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Why Launching Your Startup Early Could Be a Problem

Mar 29, 2019 // Mentions Ron Adner and his work around innovation ecosystems, specifically that startups can fail if other parts of the innovation ecosystem are not yet ready.
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Fending off Disruption: Incumbent Strategies for Digital Transformation

Mar 17, 2019 // Highlights research by Ron Adner and Rahul Kapoor in an article about companies elevating digital priorities in their strategic planning to preempt technological disruption.
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