Research & Publications

Working Papers

  • “High-Skilled Immigration and the U.S. Economy,” with Gordon H. Hanson, for forthcoming NBER Conference Volume
  • “Expansion Abroad and the Domestic Operations of U.S. Multinational Firms,” with Gordon H. Hanson and Marilyn Ibarra-Caton
  • “High-End Labor Markets: Talent, Performance, and Earnings on the PGA Tour,” with Arnaud Costinot, Gordon H. Hanson, and Paul Wolfson
  • “Globalization, Multinationals, and the Elasticity of Labor Demand,” with Jonathan E. Haskel
  • “Real Relative Prices: Exchange-Rate Regimes Don’t Matter,” with Robert F. Martin
  • Productivity Growth, Knowledge Flows, and Spillovers,” with Gustavo Crespi, Chiara Criscuolo, and Jonathan E. Haskel, National Bureau of Economic Research Working Paper #13959, 2008