MBA Program

  • Strategic Brand Management. One of the most valuable assets that firms have is the brand names associated with their products or services. This course addresses important branding decisions faced by an organization in terms of how to build, measure, and manage brand equity. Its basic objectives are to (1) provide an understanding of the important issues in planning and evaluating brand strategies, and (2) provide the appropriate concepts and techniques to improve the long-term profitability of brand strategies. The course consists of lectures, case discussions, guest speakers, and a brand audit project.


  • Brand and Reputation. Your brand and your reputation are the foundation on which your company is built. Designed for experienced executives, Brand and Reputation is a tightly focused two-and-a-half day program on how to build and maintain corporate brand and reputation. The program is led by the two thought leaders in these fields, Professors Paul Argenti and Kevin Lane Keller. They provide the latest and most comprehensive frameworks and practical insights on the art and science of managing corporate reputation and brands.