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Developing Effective Brand Names: Lessons from a Naming Guru

Jun 13, 2023 // Mentions Kevin Lane Keller and his book Strategic Brand Management in an article about developing brand names.
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Best Business and Management Scientists

Feb 24, 2023 // Highlights Kevin Lane Keller, who was ranked #105 worldwide and #60 in the United States, in’s ranking of the best business and management scientists. Keller was also honored with the Business and Management in United States Leader Award for 2023.
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Marketing Experts Discuss Role of Marketing in the Coming Years

Jun 11, 2022 // Kevin Lane Keller joined CNBC-TV18 in India to discuss the Indian edition of Marketing Management, the textbook Keller coauthored with Philip Kotler, and how the ever-evolving marketing function is taking a new shape.
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Rules of Success for Rebranding

May 04, 2022 // Features Kevin Lane Keller in an article exploring how companies should approach rebranding.
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Brand World Summit 2021: The Art and Science of Branding by Kevin Keller

Sep 30, 2021 // A feature story about Kevin Lane Keller's keynote address at the 2021 Brand World Summit. “Moving forward, the strongest brands are going to offer compelling accounts and stories about their origins, their growth and their destiny,” Keller says.
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Brand World Summit 2021: Reimagining Brand Building in a Post-Pandemic World

Oct 29, 2021 // Highlights Kevin Lane Keller in an article previewing the 2021 Brand World Summit. Keller will deliver the summit’s keynote address on September 30.
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Naming Your New Company: Here’s What to Know

Sep 03, 2021 // Features Kevin Lane Keller in an article about the considerations entrepreneurs should make when naming their business.
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In the Face of Negative Headlines, TurboTax Is Having a Great Start to 2020

Feb 27, 2020 // Quotes Kevin Lane Keller in an article about TurboTax’s early success in 2020 despite the company being embroiled in numerous controversies in the last year. “As long as they aren't seen as trying to take advantage or be unfair in any way in how they sell in this tax season, I think they'll be OK,” Keller says.
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How to Boost Mobile App Brand Equity

Jan 26, 2020 // Cites Kevin Lane Keller about the four factors needed to successfully build brand equity: salience, meaning, response and resonance, as outlined in his book "Strategic Brand Management."
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Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade May Be Expensive, but the Company Needs It Now More Than Ever

Nov 28, 2019 // “‘The magic of Macy’s’ has been their tagline for a long time, and so the Christmas season is natural for them,” says Kevin Lane Keller, in an article about the importance of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade to the company.
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Ralphs Supermarkets Don’t Just Want Your Business. They Want Your Love

Nov 08, 2019 // “Any brand wants strong loyalty. Taking that all the way to love is certainly dialing it up to the top,” says Kevin Lane Keller in an article about new branding introduced by Kroger, parent company of Ralphs Supermarkets. Kroger says the branding “celebrates our love of people and our love of food.”
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Hidden GI Bill Benefit

Oct 16, 2019 // A feature story about how military veterans can use the GI Bill to attend executive education courses at top business schools—including the Advanced Management Program and Next Step program offered at Tuck.
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CMO Next 2019: 50 Game-Changing Marketing Leaders

Sep 25, 2019 // “CMOs and marketers really are asked to do so many different things. That is only going to increase with all the different interfaces with marketing and finance, operations, corporate strategy, etc.,” says Kevin Lane Keller in an article about Forbes’ second-annual CMO Next list.
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Entrepreneurs and Marketers, Brands Are More Valuable Than Companies. Here Are Ten Brand Building Strategies.

Aug 29, 2019 // An article about how to build a strong brand cites research by Kevin Lane Keller examining the power of brand equity. Keller notes that a company like PepsiCo, which has a net tangible book value of $6.5 billion but a market value of $90 billion, gains billions of dollars from intangible assets, including brand equity.
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Can Memorable Brand Characters Be Built Without Using Television? Wholly Guacamole Says Yes

Apr 25, 2019 // Highlights insights from Kevin Lane Keller on the benefits of employing brand characters in an article about Wholly Guacamole’s new approach to its marketing strategy.
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10 Principles of Modern Marketing

Apr 03, 2019 // “Technology has changed everything,” write Kevin Lane Keller and coauthor Ann Lewnes, CMO at Adobe. “Fundamentally, it allows for new ways to create customer experiences, and trillions of data points to understand customer behavior and the impact of marketing programs and activities.”
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Time to Give Your Brand a Checkup

Mar 08, 2019 // Highlights research by Kevin Lane Keller, the E.B. Osborn Professor of Marketing, exploring what makes a product or service a true brand. Keller says that if consumers have strong, favorable and unique associations with a product, it can be elevated to brand status.
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How Levi's Remains True Blue after 165 Years

Nov 06, 2018 // Quotes Kevin Lane Keller in an article about the staying power of Levi Strauss & Co. Keller says Levi’s is often dealing with the tension between the heritage of the brand and the need to stay modern.
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Mastering Brand Architecture in a Hyper-Competitive Digital Era

Oct 01, 2018 // Kevin Lane Keller, the E.B. Osborn Professor of Marketing, explores how the hyper-competitive digital environment changes the application of brand architecture principles. He writes that one key to strong brand architecture in a digital world is simplicity.
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Warts and All? That’s the Risk When a Founder Is the Face of a Company

Aug 06, 2018 // Kevin Lane Keller opines on the strategy of using the head or founder of a company as the company’s face. Keller says that there is considerable upside in bringing a founder to the fore.
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