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Psych Yourself into Spending Less, Saving More for the Future

Apr 13, 2021 // Features Eesha Sharma in an article about how to use psychology to your advantage to make saving money a joyful experience.
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The Psychology of Saving and Spending: Eesha Sharma at CNBC Your Money Summit

Nov 18, 2020 // As a speaker at CNBC’s Your Money Summit, Eesha Sharma discusses the behavioral psychology behind spending versus saving money and how the way people perceive themselves, and their wealth, can influence their actions.
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Do You Spend Instead of Save? Here’s Why—and How You Can Change It

Nov 16, 2020 // A feature story about research by Eesha Sharma exploring the psychology behind spending and saving money, as well as tips for improving your relationship with money.
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It’s Not Marketing. These 18 Products Are Truly Limited Editions

Oct 01, 2020 // An article examining scarcity marketing highlights research by Eesha Sharma which finds that economic uncertainty is likely to further burnish the appeal of products that seem scarce.
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Why People Go into Debt: The Money Isn't Really Theirs

Jan 24, 2020 // Highlights a new working paper, "Psychological Ownership of (Borrowed) Money," by Eesha Sharma.
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MBA News You Need: Tuck Professor Recognized, Tepper School Rebrands, and More

Oct 18, 2018 // A roundup of the latest business school news highlights Eesha Sharma who was recently named a Young Scholar by the Marketing Science Institute. The annual Young Scholar award recognizes a host of marketing professors MSI believes will be the leaders of the next generation of marketing academics.
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MSI Young Scholars 2019

Oct 13, 2018 // Mentions Eesha Sharma, one of Marketing Science Institute’s Young Scholars for 2019. Each year, MSI recognizes 34 marketing scholars whom it believes will be the leaders of the next generation of marketing academics.
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No Word-Of-Mouth with Empty Wallets

Sep 14, 2018 // Highlights research by Eesha Sharma, associate professor of business administration, and coauthors Anna Paley and Stephanie Tully that finds consumers are reluctant to talk about their recent purchases when they’re feeling financially squeezed.
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Why Do Millennials Distrust Credit Cards?

Aug 01, 2018 // Quotes Eesha Sharma in an article about millennials’ relationship with credit cards. Sharma says there is a correlation between age and wealth that shapes what consumers look for in a credit card.
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Here's How to Stop Overspending When Hanging out with Friends

Jun 08, 2018 // An article about how to curb overspending habits highlights research by Eesha Sharma and Stephanie M. Tully.
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Opinion: Here’s a way for you to get a better handle on debt

Aug 22, 2017 // The one important factor that fundamentally shapes people’s decisions to borrow is the borrowing context. Eesha Sharma explains how depending on which context they’re in, people’s attitudes about what purchases they’re willing to borrow for drastically change.
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Is FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) Driving Up Consumer Debt?

Jul 31, 2017 // Eesha Sharma discusses FOMO and borrowing to fund experiences, a focus of her recent research.
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Comic Book Success: The Rise of the Comic-Con Festival

Jul 22, 2017 // Recent research by Eesha Sharma about discretionary spending for experiences is applied to the Comic-Con International Festival. “It's really difficult to substitute this year's comic con with next year's comic con,” quips Sharma.
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Americans Are More Willing to go Into Debt for Experiences

Jul 12, 2017 // An article highlights new research by Eesha Sharma, associate professor of business administration, which finds that when consumers are deciding among optional purchases, they’re more likely to use credit to buy experiences. Sharma’s findings are counter to previous research.
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When a Penny Saved Is Not a Penny Earned

May 10, 2017 // Cites research by Punam Anand Keller and Eesha Sharma that examines how people think about and decide between opportunities to earn and save.
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Feeling Wealthy? How Your Tax Refund (or Payment) Is Influencing You

Apr 25, 2017 // An opinion piece by Eesha Sharma about how financial constraints change individual behavior and decision making.
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The 40 Most Outstanding MBA Professors Under 40

Mar 26, 2017 // Daniel Feiler, assistant professor of business administration, and Eesha Sharma, assistant professor of business administration, are named two of Poets and Quants' 2017 Best 40 Under 40 Professors.
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Why Planning for Retirement Now Is Critical for the Next Generation

Sep 27, 2016 // Quotes Eesha Sharma, assistant professor of business administration, about “analysis paralysis” when planning for retirement—too many choices and a lack of experience can cause people to delay decisions, therefore costing them even more time to save.
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The Financial Insecurity Bias

Jun 20, 2016 // Eesha Sharma, assistant professor of business administration, is featured in an interview about how feeling poor can affect the way people spend and save, among other habits.
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2015 Black Friday Freshness Report: Retailers Repeat About 1 in 10 Deals from 2014

Nov 20, 2015 // Features an interview with Eesha Sharma, assistant professor of business administration, around why retailers repeat the same Black Friday deals each year and whether the discounts are worth the hassle.
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