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Powerful Executives Have Stepped Away from the Saudis. Not SoftBank’s.

Oct 17, 2018 // “The question for the immediate is, will there be a short-term solution around this conference that then gives some breathing room to try and figure out what comes next?” says Colin C. Blaydon.
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One Young Harvard Grad’s Quixotic Quest to Disrupt Private Equity

Apr 25, 2018 // Quotes Colin Blaydon in an article about Daniel Rasmussen, founder of Verdad, and his goal of disrupting private equity.
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Massive United States-Saudi Infrastructure Fund Struggles to Get Going

Apr 04, 2018 // Quotes Colin Blaydon in an article about a $40 billion infrastructure investment fund created in 2017 by Blackstone. Blaydon says the fund’s inability to gain traction is surprising given the company behind it. “They announced it with such fanfare and certainty, and clearly things were dragging,” he says.
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What is Private Equity?

Sep 26, 2014 // Colin Blaydon is featured in a six-part video series on private equity.
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SEC's Kickstarter rule: Everyone's a venture capitalist!

Oct 24, 2013 // Colin Blaydon comments on new regulations that allow small investors to participate in venture capital programs such as Kickstarter.
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Private Equity's Public Image Issues

Apr 10, 2013 // As private equity firms become more public in the months and years to come, hopefully adequate steps will be taken to explain the methodology and operation of private equity in a language that is easily understood by investors and savers.
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