Social Networks in Organizations

  • Research to Practice Seminar” format offers a PhD-style syllabus to MBA students.
  • Readings include classic and current papers from scholarly journals in management, sociology, economics, and social networks.
  • Discussion focuses on understanding the findings of current research and applying them to managerial practice.

Managing Organizations

  • Case-based core course in macro-organizational behavior, required of all first-year Tuck students.
  • Re-designed and launched in 2019-2020 as part of Tuck's new core curriculum with a renewed emphasis on diversity, equity and inclusion.

Technology and Entrepreneurship in Israel

  • Global Insight Expedition format offers an 8-day travel course during spring break.
  • Toured with MBA students to teach about global business in the context of Israel's unique culture, history and business environment.
  • Visited start-ups, venture capital firms, incubators, and multinational corporate R&D labs in the technology sector.

Freedom Riders: Unpacking Systemic Racism for Leadership in a Diverse World

  • Co-led (with Ella Bell) an experimental 8-day travel course during the December mini-term to Washington, DC and Montgomery, Alabama.
  • Explored the history and present reality of systemic racism in the United States and the role and responsibility of business leaders to promote racial justice in a diverse world.


  • “Managing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco” (2022). Tuck Case (with Andrew Hazel, Kevin White and Stacy Blake-Beard).
  • “Kronos: Moving Up While Moving Remote” (2021). Tuck Case TC1-0187 (with Kendall Smith, Ted Niedermeyer and Kendall Woods).
  • “Yorkshire News: Marion Crawford” (2013). Tuck Case TC1-0156 (with Anne Givens).
  • “Yorkshire News: Jamie Wordsmith” (2013). Tuck Case TC1-0157 (with Anne Givens).
  • “ProdCo and the Magus Networker Problem-Solving Process (A) and (B)” (2011). Tuck Cases 1-0139 and 1-0140 (with Sarah Austrin-Willis, William Boziuk and J.R. Maxwell).
  • “BT Plc: The Broadband Revolution (A) and (B)” (2006). Harvard Business School Cases 407-001 and 407-002 (with Michael Tushman and David Kiron).