Teresa Fort

Assistant Professor of Business Administration


Teresa Fort’s research examines firms’ global production choices. She studies the determinants and ramifications of firms’ decisions to break up production processes across distinct geographic locations that are both domestic and foreign. In her current research, she assesses the role of communication technology, distance to suppliers, and labor cost differences in firms’ decisions to fragment production and offshore.


Teresa Fort Joins National Bureau of Economic Research  //

Fort has been appointed a Faculty Research Fellow at the NBER’s International Trade and Investment Program. Learn more

Employment Dynamics and Business Cycles  //

Teresa Fort and co-authors attempt to explain why young, small businesses were hit especially hard in the Great Recession. Read review at NBER

Redefining 21st Century Business  //

Research by Teresa Fort and Andrew Bernard examines the increasingly blurry distinction between manufacturers and wholesalers. Read the article in Tuck Faculty Insights

Are Advances in Communication Driving Jobs Overseas?  //

Teresa Fort's new study challenges this and other assumptions on offshoring. Read the article from Tuck Forum






  • PhD, University of Maryland, 2012
  • MA, University of Maryland, 2008
  • BA, University of Virginia, 2000