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How Levi's Remains True Blue after 165 Years

Nov 06, 2018 // Quotes Kevin Lane Keller in an article about the staying power of Levi Strauss & Co. Keller says Levi’s is often dealing with the tension between the heritage of the brand and the need to stay modern.
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Mastering Brand Architecture in a Hyper-Competitive Digital Era

Oct 01, 2018 // Kevin Lane Keller, the E.B. Osborn Professor of Marketing, explores how the hyper-competitive digital environment changes the application of brand architecture principles. He writes that one key to strong brand architecture in a digital world is simplicity.
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Warts and All? That’s the Risk When a Founder Is the Face of a Company

Aug 06, 2018 // Kevin Lane Keller opines on the strategy of using the head or founder of a company as the company’s face. Keller says that there is considerable upside in bringing a founder to the fore.
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What Companies Should Know about Branding in 2018

Apr 29, 2018 // An article about the tenets of branding quotes Kevin Lane Keller. In 1998, Keller defined branding as “a collection of associations that the customer has with a brand and that determine the value of a product or service.”
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Gillette and Tide Maker Struggles in 'Tough Environment'

Apr 20, 2018 // Continued coverage of comments by Kevin Lane Keller regarding the impact digital, direct-to-consumer businesses have had on consumer goods powerhouses like Procter & Gamble.
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Gillette and Tide Maker Struggles in 'Tough Environment'

Apr 20, 2018 // Quotes Kevin Lane Keller in an article about the increased competition consumer goods companies, like Procter & Gamble, are facing from upstart digital firms that sell directly to consumers.
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Samsung Not in Partying Mood for 80th Birthday

Mar 23, 2018 // References comments by Kevin Lane Keller in an article about how Samsung opted not to hold a public celebration for its 80th anniversary. As the company approaches its 100-year milestone, Keller says it’s important that Samsung focuses on improving people’s lives.
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Dartmouth Overhauls Branding, School Logo

Jan 25, 2018 // Quotes Kevin Lane Keller in an article about Dartmouth’s recent visual rebranding effort. Keller helped advise the creators of the new communications strategy. He says that rebranding efforts at prestigious institutions can often come with numerous obstacles. “So making sure it’s consistent and the right look that capt
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There's More to Naming a Company after Yourself Than Ego

Jan 05, 2018 // Quotes Kevin Lane Keller in an article about the challenges that arise for businesses with eponymous founders. Keller says having a namesake business makes it difficult for the company to be flexible and move on from the name if need be.
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What Is Brand Strategy?

Oct 16, 2017 // Cites the customer-based brand equity model developed by Kevin Lane Keller in an article about how to develop an effective brand strategy. Keller's model allows for a detailed analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of a brand.
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Not a Regular Cease-and-Desist, a Cool Cease-and-Desist

Sep 21, 2017 // An article about the response Netflix received for a recent cease-and-desist letter it sent to the owners of a Stranger Things-themed pop-up bar quotes Kevin Keller. Keller says brand-building can happen anywhere, even in traditional forms of communication often thought of as threatening.
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Empowered Does Not Mean Engaged, Says Dartmouth's Kevin Lane Keller

Sep 20, 2017 // As a guest on “Marketing Today with Alan Hart,” Kevin Keller discusses the details of branding in today’s economy, including consumer psychology, the role of purpose in building a brand, and the challenges of brand architecture.
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Amid Racial Tension, Hyatt Pushes Understanding in New Spot

Aug 16, 2017 // Kevin Keller opines on Hyatt Hotel’s latest advertisement which celebrates the chain’s history of inclusion. Keller says more brands are likely to push messages of unity in the coming months.
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Old Navy Succeeds by Saying Bye to Celebs and Hi to Fashion

Jul 27, 2017 // "If Old Navy's strategy still is to bring joy into this seemingly joyless discount category then it doesn't necessarily need celebrities," Kevin Lane Keller tells AdAge in an article about Old Navy's new advertising approach which ditches celebrity ambassadors.
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Walking the Tightrope: Delicate Balancing Act for JC Penney's New CMO

Jul 27, 2017 // Quotes Kevin Lane Keller in an article about JC Penney's efforts to restore the retailer to relevance. "They've always been in a tricky position," says Keller. "They're in the middle of the dog bone—not high-end, not low-end but somewhere in-between. It's a tough position to play."
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Data and pricing to determine IBM Watson’s success in India

Jul 14, 2017 // An article about IBM's Watson, an artificial intelligence system best known for analyzing data, discusses how one Indian startup, Textient Analytics, uses the concepts underlying the Customer-Based Brand Equity model by Kevin Lane Keller, the E.B. Osborn Professor of Marketing, combined with Watson.
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Building Brand Equity

Jul 08, 2017 // References the book Strategic Brand Management by Kevin Lane Keller in a contributor article about developing a strong and dynamic brand with equity.
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The Monetizing of the President

Feb 17, 2017 // Quotes Kevin Lane Keller, the E.B. Osborn Professor of Marketing, in an opinion piece discussing four ways President Donald Trump stands to gain financially from his term in office.
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Gap Pushes New Campaign With Children of Its '90s Spokespeople (and Naomi Campbell)

Feb 02, 2017 // Quotes Kevin Lane Keller, the E.B. Osborn Professor of Marketing, about Gap’s new campaign being used to promote the reissue of ‘90s apparel.
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Computer Trained to Guess Book Genre Using Only Cover Image

Nov 19, 2016 // Cites the paper, “Brand Familiarity and Advertising Repetition Effects, co-authored by Kevin Lane Keller and Margaret Campbell in an article about a team of researchers in Japan using machine-learning to confirm that the homogenous designs of books within a genre is a pretty effective marketing technique.
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