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Trade Policy, Foreign Direct Investment, and Global Value Chains

  • Global Value Chains and Trade Policy

    [Currently Under Revision] This version: August 2017. With C. Bown and R. Johnson. 

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  • Externalities and Agricultural Import Bans: Evaluating Regionalization Measures in Light of the Russia – Pigs Dispute

    This version: August 2018.  With M. Wu

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  • U.S. Multinationals and Preferential Market Access [WP Version]

    2015. With X. Matschke. Review of Economics and Statistics 97(4): 839-854.


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  • What Global Fragmentation Means for the WTO: Article XXIV, Behind-the-Border Concessions, and A New Case for WTO Limits on Investment Incentives [WP Version]

    December 2014. Background paper for the WTO 2014 World Trade Report.  WTO WP 2014-03

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  • The U.S. Generalized System of Preferences in Principle and Practice [WP Version]

    2015. With Shushanik Hakobyan.  World Economy 38(3): 399-424. 

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  • Reevaluating the Role of Trade Agreements: Does Investment Globalization Make the WTO Obsolete? [WP Version]

    2010. Journal of International Economics 82: 63-72.

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  • Trade Taxes and International Investment [WP Version]

    2009. Canadian Journal of Economics 42(3): 882-899.

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  • Foreign Direct Investment, Endogenous Tariffs, and Preferential Trade Agreements

    2007. B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy [Advances] 7(1): 1-37 

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Globalization and Human Capital Acquisition

  • Unequal Gains, Prolonged Pain: A Model of Protectionist Overshooting and Escalation

    Most recent version: September 2018. With G. Willmann

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  • Globalization and Human Capital Investment: Export Composition Drives Educational Attainment [WP Version]

    with W. Olney. 2017. Journal of International Economics 106: 165-183

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  • Trade, Education, and the Shrinking Middle Class [WP Version]

    With G. Willmann.  2016. Journal of International Economics 99(1): 263-277.

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  • Escaping a Protectionist Rut: Policy Mechanisms for Trade Reform Under Democracy [WP Version]

    With G. Willmann. 2011. Journal of International Economics 85(1): 72-85.

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  • Opening (and Closing) Doors: Country Specific Shocks in U.S. Doctorate Education

    2008. With John Bound and Sarah Turner in Doctoral Education and the Faculty of the Future, edited by R. Ehrenberg and C. Kuhn, Cornell University Press.

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Trade Intermediation and Carry-Along Trade

  • Carry-Along Trade [WP Version]

    This version: September 2017. With A. Bernard, I. Van Beveren, and H. Vandenbussche. Forthcoming, Review of Economic Studies   Online theory appendix.

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  • Private Labels and Exporting: Trading Variety for Volume [WP Version]

    2017. With T. Chesnokova and G. Willmann. Review of World Economics 153(3): 545-572.

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Experimental Economics

  • Testing Subgame Perfection Apart From Fairness in Ultimatum Games

    With J. Andreoni. 2005. Experimental Economics 9(4): 307-321.

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  • Production and Gains from Trade

    2008. With L. Anderson, K. Chaston, C. Holt, L. Razzolini, and R. Singleton. Perspectives in Economic Education Research, 4(1) pp.3-22.

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