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Enter through One Door and Exit through Another: How to Be an Innovator in Developing Your Career

Oct 14, 2018 // Mentions Superbosses by Sydney Finkelstein in an article about how to continually innovate throughout your career. Forbes writes that one way to be an innovator is to lead others, and suggests Superbosses to refine your leadership skills.
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Hate Talking on the Phone? This Interview Is for You

Jul 24, 2018 // Quotes Sydney Finkelstein in an article about the rise of text-based interview platforms. Finkelstein says that, in order to prepare for a text-based interview, candidates should spend time evaluating their past text conversations to see if their style of communication could potentially mislead or be misinterpreted.
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Leslie Moonves Stands His Ground—for CBS and His Legacy

May 29, 2018 // Quotes Sydney Finkelstein in an article about the ongoing legal battle between CBS and its parent company National Amusements, and the two executives at the center, Leslie Moonves and Shari Redstone. Finkelstein says the back-and-forth threatens to get personal.
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Cultures Change When Leaders Teach

May 08, 2018 // Quotes Sydney Finkelstein in an article about how business leaders should approach their roles as though they are teachers. “Teaching is not merely an extra for good managers; it's an integral responsibility. If you're not teaching, you're not really leading,” Finkelstein says.
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Why Bad Managers Continue to Make Bad Decisions

May 22, 2018 // Quotes Why Good Leaders Make Bad Decisions by Andrew Campbell, Jo Whitehead, and Sydney Finkelstein in an article about the removal of Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno from the Supreme Court of the Philippines.
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Now Emoting in the Corner Office: The Oversharing CEO

May 01, 2018 // Quotes Sydney Finkelstein in an article about the trend of chief executives sharing personal information with their coworkers.
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Find the Creative Leader in You

Mar 30, 2018 // Mentions Sydney Finkelstein, the Steven Roth Professor of Management and faculty director of the Center for Leadership, in an article about how to become a more creative leader. Finkelstein says that innovation is part of the leadership DNA.
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What Sets ‘Superbosses’ Apart from Other Leaders?

Mar 16, 2018 // In an interview with MIT Sloan Management Review, Sydney Finkelstein weighs in on how technology is changing the way business leaders operate. Finkelstein says that, while technology is impacting every level of business, the human touch is still critical.
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Is This the Biggest Shift Needed When Managing Millennials?

Feb 26, 2018 // Quotes Sydney Finkelstein in an article about management styles to employ with millennial workers. Finkelstein says business innovators such as Larry Ellison and Ralph Lauren set good examples by offering millennial employees creative freedom and the chance to do meaningful work.
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The Best Leaders Are Teachers

Feb 06, 2018 // In a Facebook Live video for Harvard Business Review, Sydney Finkelstein discusses how the best leaders are also great teachers. Finkelstein says the qualifications for being a teacher aren't as high as some may think, and don't include a corner office or executive role.
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Talent Comes as a Team: Why Companies Should Hire Groups

Jan 06, 2018 // References The Wall Street Journal article “Why Companies Should Hire Teams, Not Individuals” by Sydney Finkelstein. Finkelstein writes that companies can bring in new energy and fresh ideas when hiring in teams, rather than by individual.
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Why Your Best People Have the Worst Safety Practices

Jan 01, 2018 // Cites Why Smart Executives Fail by Sydney Finkelstein in an article about how managers should spend the most time with their top employees, to maximize their talent and create an overall culture of excellence.
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Four Generations of Coaching Wisdom Created the NFL's Hottest Young Coach

Dec 29, 2017 // Features Sydney Finkelstein in an article about the connection between Hall of Fame football coach Bill Walsh and Sean McVay, the upstart head coach of the Los Angeles Rams.
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The 50 big ideas for 2018

Dec 19, 2017 // Quotes Sydney Finkelstein in an article predicting business trends for 2018. Finkelstein says there will be a boom in mergers & acquisitions, which will provide companies with the money and resources needed to grow.
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24 Ideas That are Transforming Talent Management Today

Dec 01, 2017 // Sydney Finkelstein asks should we all recruit and manage talent like superbosses do?
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Drucker Forum 2017: From 'Built to Last' to 'Made for Change'

Nov 20, 2017 // Mentions Sydney Finkelstein in a roundup of highlights from the Global Peter Drucker Forum, an annual management conference.
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Team-Based Hiring–a New Trend?

Nov 07, 2017 // References an article written by Sydney Finkelstein arguing that companies should hire in teams, rather than individuals. Finkelstein writes that one major benefit of team-based hiring is that it allows managers to avoid their unconscious biases, which often lead to the hiring of applicants with similar backgrounds.
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One Percent Edge Podcast: Sydney Finkelstein

Oct 23, 2017 // Sydney Finkelstein discusses the importance of dynamic leadership for building innovation into a company’s DNA. Finkelstein says strong leaders, or “superbosses,” can be found anywhere in a company, but are often overlooked.
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What’s more important to young people than cool perks or a fancy office? Growth

Oct 18, 2017 // Features Sydney Finkelstein, Steven Roth Professor of Management and director of the Center for Leadership, in continued coverage about the attributes millennials value in workplaces. Similar coverage can be found at The Miami Herald, The Kansas City Star and others.
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What's More Important to Young People Than Cool Perks or a Fancy Office? Growth. This Ad Agency Gets It.

Oct 07, 2017 // Quotes Sydney Finkelstein in an article about what millennial workers value in a workplace. Finkelstein says businesses need to realize that being a stepping stone isn’t a bad thing.
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