Playbook Services

Organizational Diagnostic

Leaders require both strategic and tactical tools to facilitate this new business imperative. An organizational diagnostic provides a way to determine which tools will pave the way for emulating the best tactics of Superbosses to teach their people how to win, inspire them with examples of what winning feels like, and push them to ever higher levels of performance.

Individual Developmental Assessment

Iconoclasts, Glorious Bastards, Nurturers – provide training designed specifically for the types of Superbosses you have in your organization.

An Individual Developmental Assessment aligns each person with Superboss behaviors. These assessments reveal strengths and opportunities, so learners can target their efforts intelligently.

Training is designed with applications targeted toward each type of Superboss.


Changing the rules of talent development and challenging false assumptions about retention and churn may require tailored or ad hoc support.

Program Overview

  • Who: Executives looking to become Superbosses.
  • The Experience: Confidential sessions framed by the Superbosses Playbook in order to facilitate candid discussion and expert feedback.
  • Format: One-on-one sessions, in-person or remotely.

Online Learning

Training that follows a clear, powerful “playbook” of Superboss skills the rest of us can study and incorporate into our own repertoire.

Program Overview

  • Who: Managers and executives.
  • The Experience: Each 3-minute video delivers key insights on developing Superboss skills at the individual and organizational levels.
  • Relevance: Targeted activities that encourage bosses to reflect and act upon video content in order to further their Superboss development.
  • Sustainability: Backed by rigorous instructional design and organizational change strategy.

Certification Training

Use your trainers to deliver Superboss training. This course is developed in a train-the-trainer format.

Program Overview

  • License Superboss training for your entire organization.
  • Receive instructionally designed course materials for both learners and facilitators.
  • Your training facilitators have the capability to deliver Superboss training now and into the future.