About the Book

Historical Background

Optimization Modeling with SpreadsheetsThis is the second edition of the book, which was originally published by Duxbury Press. The Second Edition makes the transition to Risk Solver Platform from earlier versions of the software. It also expands the integer programming coverage into two chapters and generally includes more examples and exercises than were present in the first edition.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Spreadsheet Modeling

2. Linear Programming: Allocation, Covering, and Blending Models

3. Linear Programming: Network Models

4. Sensitivity Analysis in Linear Programming

5. Linear Programming: Data Envelopment Analysis

6. Integer Programming: Binary Choice

7. Integer Programming: Logical Constraints

8. Nonlinear Programming

9. Heuristic Solutions with the Evolutionary Solver

Appendix 1. Risk Solver Platform Software

Appendix 2. The Graphical Method for Linear Programming

Appendix 3. The Simplex Method

Appendix 4. Stochastic Programming

Detailed Table of Contents (Word file)