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Professor Greenhalgh is the Faculty Directory for Tuck's Programs for Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises, and also Director of Programs for Native American Businesses. He also teaches in Tuck Custom Executive Programs, and has also taught in executive programs in conjunction with Oxford University, Stanford University, London Business School, Northwestern University, Duke University, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Smith College.

Having had a business career (with experience in large corporations, entrepreneurial businesses, and management consulting) as well as an academic career, Len is dedicated to providing high-impact, high-quality learning experiences. He is a member of a team within Tuck Executive Education that is committed to making a difference in the lives of participants, and to continuous improvement in program quality and impact.

"Building the High-Performing Minority Business"

Tuck's Building a High-Performing Minority Business teaches business owners and their key executives how to develop and implement a highly-integrated strategic plan for survival and prosperity, and how to use financial tools to perform cost analysis and implement control systems. Participants also learn how to develop effective marketing and operations strategies, manage human resources productively, and refine their leadership skills. This one-week intensive program helps minorities build robust, high-performing businesses that can survive and prosper in an increasingly competitive global environment.

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"Growing the Minority Business to Scale"

Tuck's “Growing the Minority Business to Scale” program (GMBS) teaches owners and senior executives how to grow their business into an enterprise that will be more profitable, able to serve larger customers or a broader market, and ready to make adaptive changes. In five days, participants learn the advantages and hazards of alternative strategies for achieving scale: organic growth, mergers and acquisitions, and strategic alliances. The objective of the program is to help ensure that their organizations are positioned for the future in an era of globalization, supply-base consolidation, and the possibility of persistent recession. Participants also learn enterprise valuation, analysis of value drivers, and strategies for ownership succession.

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Strategic Retreats for Native American Top Management Teams

Participants in Tuck programs learn how to transform and revitalize their businesses into high-performing systems. But when they return to their organizations, brimming with insights and good ideas, their subordinates and peers—who must implement new initiatives—are “not on the same page” because they didn’t go through the learning experience. Tuck’s three-day programs for intact top management teams eliminate this problem. They combine the best features of world-class business school education, a strategic planning retreat, and just-in-time consulting by highly-experienced instructors. The U.S. Department of the Interior commissions several of these programs each year, with very positive results.  Len has worked with Native American businesses in Oklahoma, North and South Dakota, Alaska, New Mexico, California, Florida, Arizona, New England, Texas, Washington, Mississippi, New York, Minnesota, Kansas, Alabama, and Montana.  He is regularly a speaker at Native American events.

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Custom Executive Education at Tuck

Tuck Custom Executive Education offers the most tailored programs available, creating a direct link between the learning process and an organization's strategic needs and goals. The result is a value-driven, team-oriented experience that generates tangible, measurable benefits. Tuck's custom programs are built entirely around a client company’s specific strategic objectives and delivered in a highly interactive environment to provide more targeted benefits for organizations and individuals.

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