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Dealing With Angry Customers Online

Oct 17, 2018 // Features Lauren Grewal and highlights a study coauthored by Grewal examining how to de-escalate customer anger on social media by using language that signal active listening and empathy. Negotiators who exhibit genuine concern can more effectively de-escalate negative emotions, Grewal says.
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Dealing With Angry Customers on Social Media? De-escalate with Active Listening and Empathy

Aug 31, 2022 // Continued coverage of a new study coauthored by Lauren Grewal exploring how to de-escalate customer anger on social media sites by using language that signals active listening and empathy.
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How Companies Can De-escalate Angry Customer Complaints on Social Media

Aug 30, 2022 // An opinion piece co-authored by Lauren Grewal about how to de-escalate customers’ anger. “Increasing active listening and empathy in a firm’s response evokes gratitude, even if the actual failure is not yet recovered,” the authors write.
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Thinking about God lowers consumer interest in self-improvement products

Apr 28, 2022 // A feature story about new research by Lauren Grewal and coauthors Eugenia Wu and Keisha Cutright examining how spirituality impacts consumer behavior in regard to self-improvement products.
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How Consumers Really Use Online Reviews

Oct 25, 2020 // Quotes Lauren Grewal and highlights her recent research examining the impact of consumer product reviews written on mobile devices.
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A ‘Rocket Ship’ of an Economic Recovery? Don’t Count on It

Apr 22, 2020 // Quotes Lauren Grewal in an article about the outlook for economic recovery following the COVID-19 pandemic.
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B-Schools Predict What 2020 Has in Store

Dec 23, 2019 // Quotes Lauren Grewal in an article collecting predictions for 2020 from top business school professors.
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With Online Reviews, ‘In Mobile We Trust’

Jul 29, 2019 // “Mobile is seen as more effortful. It takes a little bit more physical effort to write a good review on a small device,” says Lauren Grewal in an article featuring her new research exploring why consumers are more likely to trust product reviews written from mobile devices.
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University of Pittsburgh Market Research Proves we can reduce food waste by boosting consumer self-esteem

Apr 10, 2019 // A feature story about research from Lauren Grewal and coauthors exploring why consumers are less likely to choose unattractive produce.
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The Words and Phrases to Use—and to Avoid—When Talking to Customers

Oct 18, 2018 // Mentions research in progress by Lauren Grewal about how businesses can better communicate with customers. Grewal’s research explores mimicry, and has linked mimicry to customer satisfaction.
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How Can Retailers Keep Ugly Produce out of Trash? Paying You a Compliment Helps, Study Finds

Aug 29, 2018 // A new study explores the connection between unattractive produce and consumers’ self-perception. The authors of the study find that buyers devalue ugly produce because of altered self-perceptions, and write that a potential antidote is to boost shoppers’ self-esteem through marketing.
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All the New Professors at the Leading Business Schools

Dec 19, 2018 // A feature article about the new professors at leading business schools.
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Study Finds Smoking Is Prevalent in Hip-Hop Music Videos

Oct 30, 2018 // Quotes Lauren Grewal, assistant professor of business administration, in a feature story about a new study from Dartmouth and Johns Hopkins University researchers exploring the prevalence of smoking in hip-hop music videos, and whether companies are using the videos as a form of advertising.
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