Research & Publications


Book Chapter

Manuscripts Under Review and in Preparation

  • With R. Dias and G. Fitzsimmons, “Financial Constraints and Purchase Happiness,” under review.
  • With S. Tully and X. Wang, “Beyond Myopia: Scarcity and Intertemporal Choice Reversals,” under review.
  • With W. De la Rosa, Wendy, S. Tully, E. Giannella, and G. Rino, “Psychological Ownership of Money: Interventions for Government Benefits,” working paper.

Selected Research in Progress

  • With R. Dias and G. Fitzsimons, “Quality vs. Quantity Tradeoffs"
  • With S. Tully and S. Shu, “Psychological Ownership of Money: A Scale”
  • With S. Tully and S. C. Wheeler, “Investment aversion”
  • With V. Morwitz, J. Klein, and A. John, “Proactive charitable giving”
  • With S. Tully, “On scarcity”