Research & Publications

Working Papers

  • With R. Hansen, “Vertical Integration in the US Healthcare Industry: The Role of Not-for-Profit v. For-profit Hospitals”
  • With R. Hansen, “Hospital Performance and Ownership Type: A Reassessment of the Evidence”
  • With M. Bradley, “Acquisitions and Performance: A Re-assessment of the Evidence”
  • With M. Bradley, “The Emergence of Shareholder Value in the German Corporation”
  • With M. P. Narayanan, “A Safe Landing? Golden Parachutes and Corporate Behavior”
  • With B. Yeung, “Divestitures as Good News or Bad News: The Role of Creditors and Management”
  • With K. John and L. Senbet, “Corporate Limited Liability and the Design of Corporate Taxation”
  • With L. Shyam-Sunder, “Market Power and State-Dependent Systematic Risk”