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What Is ‘Green Hushing’? The New Negative Sustainability Trend, Explained

Mar 10, 2023 // Features Anant Sundaram in an article examining “green hushing”—companies purposely keeping quiet about their sustainability goals. Sundaram says one reason companies would engage in green hushing is that the U.S. is more litigious than other nations. “You say something in your 10K, or you put out some document, [and]
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New Rules Put Net Zero Pledges Under Scrutiny

Mar 22, 2022 // New SEC rules demand more climate disclosure, but are squishy on details
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Wall Street's Green Push Exposes New Conflicts of Interest

Jan 29, 2022 // Auditors, bond raters and others aim to profit by both judging and advising companies on the ESG scores
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Companies Are Tallying Their Carbon Emissions, but the Data Can Be Tricky

Sep 23, 2021 // Microsoft, other companies use difficult-to-measure information about suppliers and customers to reach emissions totals.
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Tuck Professor Anant Sundaram Outlines a Playbook for Emerging Green Economy

Apr 01, 2020 // 
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Nordstrom Family Members Weigh Taking the Retailer Private

Jun 08, 2017 // As a guest on Marketplace, Anant Sundaram discusses how the Nordstrom family is considering taking their company private. Nordstrom has recently reported a decline in sales and expects a sluggish year ahead.
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Why the Big U.S. Oil Companies Do Not Support the Withdrawal of the Paris Climate Agreement Announced by Trump

May 27, 2017 // Cites comments by Anant Sundaram from an International Business Times article that examines the impact of President Trump's decision regarding U.S. participation in the Paris Climate Agreement on American companies.
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Do Businesses Support the Paris Climate Agreement? Trump's Decision May Clash With Exxon, Shell, Coal Firms

Jun 01, 2017 // Quotes Anant Sundaram in an article examining the impact of President Trump's upcoming decision regarding U.S. participation in the Paris Climate Agreement on American companies.
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The SEC has some questions for Alibaba

May 25, 2016 // The giant Chinese e-commerce company's unusual corporate structure has U.S. regulators probing its accounting practices
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M and A Little Bit of History Repeating

Jan 26, 2016 // Quotes Anant Sundaram on the timing of the merger of industrial giants Johnson Controls and Tyco. "One would think that sensible, smart M&A activity should be countercyclical to the market," says Sundaram. "You want to buy something low, not when it's high!"
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What's behind the M&A mania

Aug 10, 2015 // Warren Buffett and his Omaha, Nebraska-based conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway will buy the manufacturing supplier Precision Castparts Corp., which makes the metal pieces that go into turbines and aircraft engines. Price tag: $32 billion.
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Alibaba's Underbelly

Sep 17, 2014 // Alibaba Probably Won’t Have an Independent Board of Directors.
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Alibaba’s Behemoth IPO Making Few Ripples in Washington

Jul 11, 2014 // Prof. Sundaram says “This is going to be a watershed IPO,”
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3 Reasons to Stay Away From Alibaba's IPO

May 02, 2014 // Concerns about accounting, corporate governance and other issues shadow the Internet giant.
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In Alibaba IPO, Investors Offer Views of Risk and Opportunity

Sep 16, 2014 // Anant Sundaram weighs in on the IPO of the Chinese firm Alibaba.
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$0 Profits Couldn't Hold Back This Year's Tech Darlings

Dec 30, 2013 // Prof. Sundaram discusses the valuations of Snapchat and Twitter with Steve Henn of NPR's All Things Considered
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Is Twitter overvalued?

Nov 07, 2013 // Prof. Sundaram discusses the first-day IPO pop of Twitter, and the distinction between value and price.
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Twitter IPO: Should You Buy It?

Nov 06, 2013 // The day before the IPO, Prof. Sundaram does a Q&A with the Wall Street Journal's MoneyBeat on whether we should invest in Twitter.
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Initiative Underscores Financial Risks Of Climate Change

Oct 30, 2013 // Recently, 70 large investors, including those who manage pension funds in New York City, California, and Vermont signed letters sent to dozens of large utilities and fossil fuel companies. Professor Sundaram comments
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How to Value Twitter

Sep 13, 2013 // Professor Sundaram's valuation of Twitter's IPO (with link to valuation spreadsheet included)
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