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Managing Talent

Jan 02, 2017

Sydney Finkelstein shares insight into his research on some of the worlds most powerful bosses to help us understand how to seek, develop and manage new talent.

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The Best Leaders Are Teachers

Harvard Business Review
Feb 06, 2018

In a Facebook Live video, Sydney Finkelstein discusses how the best leaders are also great teachers. Finkelstein says the qualifications for being a teacher aren't as high as some may think, and don't include a corner office or executive role.

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Why Leaders Should Make a Habit of Teaching

Harvard Business Review
Jan 09, 2018

Features Sydney Finkelstein in a conversation about how business leaders should approach their direct reports like teachers. Finkelstein says the benefits of being a “teacher-leader” are numerous. “People inevitably value others that try to help them. That’s what teaching is,” he says.

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Why Companies Should Hire Teams, Not Individuals

The Wall Street Journal
Oct 30, 2017

Sydney Finkelstein argues that companies should hire in groups rather than a single person at a time. “Most managers are painfully aware of the irony: The very people they bring into an organization to ‘shake things up’ and offer original thinking wind up conforming,” he writes.

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