Barbecue for Tuck Gives

Tuck Gives

Once a year, Professor Sansing hosts a Texas BBQ for the winner of the Tuck GIVES charity auction (Grants to Interns and Volunteers for the Environment and Society). The initiative represents an effort to recognize and support the efforts of current Tuck students who wish to work with nonprofit organizations for the betterment of the environment and society. Tuck GIVES provides stipend augmentation to cover essential costs of living in order to enable students to contribute their skills and passion through discrete engagements with nonprofit organizations. At right are the 2010 winners and Professor Sansing sampling some of the BBQ fare.


A keen chess enthusiast, Professor Sansing regularly participates in chess tournaments. Find out about his latest rating at US Chess Online.

Round 3 of the 2003 Edward Levy Memorial Chess Classic held in Denver Colorado.

Lawyer Times vs. Richard Sansing