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How the American Economy Can Recover from the Coronavirus Pandemic

Apr 20, 2020 // Quotes Dean Matthew J. Slaughter in an article about the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic.
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How to Avoid a Coronavirus Depression

Mar 25, 2020 // “The best way to counter this shock is to take three interrelated measures: invest in stopping the spread of the new coronavirus, backstop businesses hit by collapsing consumption, and make every effort to avoid a financial crisis.”
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As the Coronavirus Epidemic Grows, China Prepares to Cut Tariffs

Feb 06, 2020 // Quotes Dean Matthew J. Slaughter in a piece about how the coronavirus could impact China's ability to meet the objectives of its "phase one" trade deal with the United States.
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Teaching Leadership in the Global Economy

Feb 05, 2020 // An interview with Dean Matthew J. Slaughter about his course Leadership in the Global Economy, which was recently recognized with an Aspen Institute Ideas Worth Teaching Award.
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What Americans Don’t Understand about China’s Power

Jan 16, 2020 // Dean Matthew J. Slaughter in an opinion piece exploring how China became a world power. Slaughter says Chinese startup companies have become dynamic enough to lure a growing number of Chinese graduates of American universities to return home.
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Top B-School Deans Share Resolutions for 2020

Dec 31, 2019 // “Spending more time listening, to a wider range of voices and with more intention to try new ideas from what is heard, can spark more of the wise and decisive leadership our world is seeking,” says Dean Matthew J. Slaughter in an article collecting New Year’s resolutions from top business school deans.
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7 Days That Shook 7 Decades of World Trade

Dec 17, 2019 // “Most people don't want just walls,” Dean Matthew J. Slaughter says in a piece examining the major trade news of the last week.
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Boeing Will Halt 737 Max Production in January as FAA Reviews Software Fix

Dec 16, 2019 // “This is going to be something that curtails activity in the broad U.S. manufacturing sector,” Dean Matthew J. Slaughter says of Boeing’s decision to halt production on its 737 Max airplanes indefinitely beginning in January.
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The Most Forward-Thinking Business Courses of 2019

Dec 14, 2019 // Continued coverage of The Aspen Institute’s Ideas Worth Teaching awards, which recognized Leadership in the Global Economy, taught by Dean Matthew J. Slaughter, as one of the most forward-thinking business education courses of the year.
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The Phase One Trade Deal Seems Far off Where Trump Set the Bar with China, Expert Says

Dec 13, 2019 // “The big issues remain completely unresolved,” Dean Matthew J. Slaughter says, discussing the phase one trade deal between the U.S. and China.
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The 10 Most Forward-Thinking Business Courses of 2019

Dec 09, 2019 // Highlights “Leadership in the Global Economy” taught by Dean Matthew J. Slaughter as one of the most forward-thinking MBA courses of 2019, as chosen by The Aspen Institute for its Ideas Worth Teaching awards. Every year, the awards honor 10 university courses and faculty redefining business education.
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New Capitalism, Staving off Class Warfare

Nov 21, 2019 // At Bloomberg’s New Economy Forum in Beijing, Dean Matthew J. Slaughter moderates a panel discussion on the future of capitalism amid deepening global economic inequality. “The call for some form of new capitalism stems from rising inequalities—of income, wealth, opportunities, of hope” Slaughter says.
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Why Trump Is Bad for Business

Nov 18, 2019 // Dean Matthew J. Slaughter explains that immigrants are essential to new business creation and economic growth in the U.S. “The visa law hasn’t changed, but the administration of it has. Students worldwide know about it. There’s a perception of, ‘am I welcome here?”
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Five Business School Deans on Why You Should Still Get an MBA

Nov 04, 2019 // Quotes Dean Matthew J. Slaughter in an article about the continued importance of the MBA degree. Slaughter says the degree is the ultimate source of analytical skills, functional expertise, and leadership capabilities.
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B-School Deans Take a Stand on Immigration Policy

Oct 15, 2019 // Dean Matthew J. Slaughter joins business school deans from 50 different institutions to publicly call on President Trump and congressional leaders to overhaul the country’s immigration policy for high-skilled workers.
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Consumers Are Feeling Good about Where the Economy’s Headed

Oct 14, 2019 // “I think a lot of the confidence that people have about now and the future is more related to how dramatic the decline has been in the unemployment rate,” says Dean Matthew J. Slaughter.
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Retail Investors Shouldn't Get Defensive Amid Trade Turmoil, Strategist Says

Aug 19, 2019 // “Uncertainty over the trade war continues to worsen,” says Dean Matthew J. Slaughter on CNBC’s “Squawk Box.”
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The Trade War Is Now a Currency War

Aug 05, 2019 // “Devaluing currencies, like any other policy change, isn’t riskless—there’s cost to that,” says Dean Matthew J. Slaughter regarding the weakening of the Chinese yuan against the U.S. dollar. “Oftentimes, it can be a force to introduce more price inflation, imports coming into the country get more expensive.”
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How Donald Trump Is Sanctioning the U.S. Economy

Jul 29, 2019 // Mentions a recent Wall Street Journal article written by Dean Matthew J. Slaughter examining how global trade tensions have impacted foreign investment in the United States.
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Trade Wars Are Sending Jobs Elsewhere

Jul 24, 2019 // “The U.S. cannot take for granted its attractiveness to global multinationals,” writes Dean Matthew J. Slaughter. “Every time a global company passes on investing in America, the country loses dynamism, wealth and good jobs.”
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