Research & Publications

Selected Publications

  • With A. Srivastava, "Should Intangible Investments Be Reported Separately or Commingled with Operating Expenses? New Evidence," Management Science, forthcoming
  • With A. Lanzavecchia, “What Drives a Long-Term Relationship in Microcredit? Insights from a Cambodian Microfinance Institution,” CAGTR Series, Victoria University of Wellington, March 2013
  • With A. Parbonetti, “Corporate Governance. Product-Related Voluntary Disclosure and Analysts’ Forecasts Properties,” Financial Accounting eJournal, 47(5), 2013
  • With R. Ajayi and S. Mehdian, “Resolution of Financial Distress: A Comparative Analysis of U.S., U.K., and Japanese Firms,” Review of Economics and Business Studies, 5(2), 2012

Working Papers

  • With E. Riedl and L. Li, "The Strategic Role of Disclosure: Evidence from the Biotech Industry"
  • With D. Aobdia and A. Srivastava, “Is the Auditing Industry Becoming a Tighter or Looser Oligopoly?” under review
  • With A. Parbonetti and A. Srivastava, "Professional Backgrounds of the Outside Directors and Firms' Voluntary Disclosures: Evidence from Biotechnology Firms," revise and resubmit
  • With E.G. Meca, “Board Composition and Accounting Conservatism: The Role of Business Experts, Support Specialists, and Community Influentials,” under review
  • With A. Parbonetti, “Corporate Governance, Product-Related Voluntary Disclosure and Analysts’ Forecasts Properties”

Work in Progress

  • With Phil Stocken, "Accruals and Investor Information Overload"
  • Presented the research proposal at Harvard Business School, December 2016
  • With Edwige Cheynel, "A Non-Parametric Structural Estimator Model for the Implied Costs of Disclosure in the Biotech Industry”
  • With Jae Bum Kim, "Managers’ Pay Duration and Disclosures of Firm Proprietary Information"
  • With Hila Fogel-Yaari, "Textual Disclosure and Managerial Myopia: Signaling Innovation to Reduce the Pressure to Meet Short-Term Goals"
  • With Khaled Hussainey, "Board expertise, proprietary disclosures and firm performance”
  • With Tony van Zijl, "Voluntary Disclosure, Corporate Governance, and the Cost of Equity Capital"