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Why Startups Should Think Twice about Referral Priority Waitlists

Aug 24, 2018 // Laurens Debo, associate professor of business administration and the Harvey H. Bundy III T’68 Faculty Fellow, writes that startups should be careful when considering referral priority waitlists, which move users toward the front of the queue once they convince others to sign up.
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Refer a Friend, Jump the Line

Nov 14, 2016 // Tuck professor Laurens Debo examines a new method for dealing with product waitlists.
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Why attempts to cut medical wait times can backfire

Mar 03, 2016 // Giving patients more information and choices can increase the wait times to see preferred providers.
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What's Your Approach To Your Queueing Experience?

Feb 28, 2016 // Laurens Debo developed a system that allows people to trade their place in a line for a monetary reward.
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The Surprising Benefit of Long Queues for Customers and Business

Oct 01, 2014 // Long lines can be very good for business, as long as they are not too long. Research shows that long lines help customers learn what’s worth waiting for, and help businesses attract uninformed customers.
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Waiting In Line: Why we often put up with long queues

May 29, 2014 // Why do we do the very thing we say we hate doing, i.e. waiting in line?
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You Love Waiting In Line For Restaurants

May 14, 2014 // Laurens Debo says that, while people say they hate lines, they wait in them anyway.
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