B. Espen Eckbo

Tuck Centennial Professor of Finance


Professor B. Espen Eckbo holds the Tuck Centennial Chair in Finance. He is also Faculty Director of Tuck's Lindenauer Center for Corporate Governance, which he founded in 1999. He teaches advanced MBA courses in the areas of corporate finance, corporate takeovers and international corporate governance.

Professor Eckbo, who received a PhD in financial economics from the University of Rochester in 1981, has published extensively in the top finance journals in the areas of corporate finance, investment banking, and the market for corporate control. He is a recipient of an honorary doctoral degree from the Norwegian School of Economics, the prestigious Batterymarch Fellowship, as well as several outstanding-paper awards. He is a research Associate of the European Corporate Governance Institute (ECGI), and a frequent keynote and invited seminar speaker. He was called in 2009 by the U.S. Congress to testify on issues concerning the government’s large equity ownership positions in companies rescued under the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP).

In 2005, Professor Eckbo assisted the Norwegian Government Pension Fund - Global, the world's largest institutional shareholder in global equity markets (with assets of $760 billion in 2013), with developing much of its corporate governance principles and strategy. This fund has since been partnering with Tuck’s Lindenauer Center for Corporate Governance on a large-scale project investigating cross-border impediments to shareholder voting.


Lindenauer Center for Corporate Governance  //

The center focuses on understanding how international differences in capital markets, ownership structures, and legal traditions affect the optimal design of financial contracts. Visit the website

Professor Eckbo Receives Honorary Doctorate from the Norwegian School of Economics  //

Professor Eckbo joined a list of Nobel laureates and internationally renowned economists when he received an honorary doctorate from the Norwegian School of Economics. Read more






  • PhD, University of Rochester, 1981
  • MSc, University of Rochester, 1980
  • MSc, Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration, 1977
  • BSc, Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration, 1975