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Trump Opened ‘Pandora’s Box’ with Tariffs

Mar 14, 2018 // Quotes Emily Blanchard in an article about President Trump's decision to levy new tariffs in the name of national security. Blanchard says invoking national security for the tariffs could have wide-ranging consequences.
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Why You Should Care About Trump’s Tariffs, Explained by an Economic Historian

Mar 08, 2018 // In an interview with Vox, Emily Blanchard weighs in on how tariffs proposed by President Trump will impact consumers and potentially incite a trade war. Blanchard says there’s every reason to expect retaliatory tariffs to be levied against the U.S., particularly against farmers.
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Why Congress, Not the WTO, Is Best Suited to Rein in Trump on Tariffs

Mar 09, 2018 // Quotes Emily Blanchard in an article about how Congress or the World Trade Organization could thwart President Trump’s new tariffs on steel and aluminum. Blanchard says the national security provision employed to impose the tariffs could be problematic for future trade decisions.
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A 1950s Approach to 21st Century Issues

Mar 07, 2018 // Quotes Emily Blanchard in an article arguing that President Trump’s proposed tariffs will adversely affect the U.S. economy. Blanchard says the concept of “trade deficit” is often misunderstood and that implementing tariffs in an attempt to solve the deficit is misguided.
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Big Aluminum Says the Aluminum Tariff Won't Work

Mar 06, 2018 // Quotes Emily Blanchard in an article about the aluminum industry’s opposition to a new 10 percent tariff proposed by President Trump. Blanchard says the tariff, while designed to protect American aluminum companies, could make business more difficult.
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First Year of Trump's Government Leaves a Bitter Taste in Latin America

Jan 21, 2018 // Quotes Emily Blanchard in an article about the changing relations between the United States and Latin America during President Donald Trump’s first year in office. To read the article in English, use Google Translate or contact Tuck communications.
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Trade Talks Episode 19: GSP—Low Tariffs for Development?

Jan 19, 2018 // Features Emily Blanchard in a conversation about generalized system of preferences, or GSP, a preferential tariff system that allows for concessions to be made to benefit developing countries. The American GSP program was created by the Trade Act of 1974, which lists a series of restrictions.
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It's an Odd Moment to Talk about Net Neutrality

Nov 21, 2017 // Quotes Emily Blanchard in a piece about how NAFTA negotiations could affect the automotive industry. The U.S. government wants to increase the required percentage of vehicle parts made by NAFTA countries, a move Blanchard says could be counterproductive, given automakers’ regional supply chains.
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Renegotiating NAFTA: The role of global supply chains

Jul 30, 2017 // Blanchard argues that abandoning NAFTA can't wind back the clock to 1994, but it would throw spanners and blockages into today’s very different and deeply integrated North American economy.
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Know Thine Enemy?

Jun 05, 2017 // Describes a new collection of essays by leading economists as a "essential visitors guide to economic policy in the Trump Era" and specifically highlights Blanchard's discussion of NAFTA.
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Report of the Standing Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Trade

Feb 01, 2017 // This report includes testimony from Emily Blanchard, associate professor of business administration, “successful firms, particularly successful exporters, do better when they can access foreign [suppliers] from around the world. They need strong local suppliers, but they may also need suppliers located abroad."
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7 Essential Reads on Trump, Trade and the TPP

Jan 24, 2017 // Cites an article published in The Conversation, co-authored by Emily Blanchard, associate professor of business administration, examining the evidence behind claims that the Trans-Pacific Partnership would lead to millions of job losses.
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We’re totally misunderstanding the difference between Mexico and China

Dec 19, 2016 // References an economic model by Emily Blanchard and co-authors Robert Johnson (Dartmouth Economics) and Chad Bown (PIIE) in an article about the economic relationships the U.S. has with China and Mexico.
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Four Quotes from the First Clinton-Trump Debate, Explained

Sep 27, 2016 // Emily Blanchard, associate professor of business administration, participates in an analysis of the presidential debate at Hofstra University.
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Is the Trans-Pacific Partnership Dead? Seven Essential Reads

Aug 29, 2016 // Cites the article, “Is Trump Right That the TPP Will Destroy Millions of Jobs and Cede U.S. Sovereignty?,” co-authored by Emily Blanchard, associate professor of business administration, in an editorial discussing the Trans-Pacific Partnership’s loss of traction in Congress and showcasing previously publish stories on
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Is Trump Right That the TPP Will Destroy Millions of Jobs and Cede U.S. Sovereignty?

Jul 05, 2016 // An opinion piece co-authored by Emily Blanchard, associate professor of business administration, about presidential candidate Donald Trump’s anti-trade stance, and the impact of free trade on jobs, congressional power, and economic independence.
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What Happens to U.S. Companies If Trump or Sanders Roll Back Free Trade?

Mar 30, 2016 // Quotes Emily Blanchard about how a U.S. exit from the World Trade Organization or NAFTA would have a terrible ripple effect on prices, jobs and tax revenue.
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Trump says China gets an advantage from the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Nov 12, 2015 // Emily Blanchard finds it highly implausible that China would benefit from the TPP.
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Tilting the playing field: Multinational firms and preferential market access

Apr 30, 2015 // Presents evidence that US imports from countries and industries with greater offshoring activity by US multinationals face distinctly lower trade barriers.
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Martin O'Malley says Congress won't see Pacific trade deal before they vote on it

Apr 23, 2015 // Emily Blanchard is cited as a source for this article
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