Uncertainty Isn't Going Away. Learn How to Deal With it Better

Mar 19, 2021 // Googling everything about a complex topic offers an illusion of control, but overresearching can compound stress. Ambiguous or conflicting information undermines certainty, says Ellie Kyung, Ph.D., an associate professor of marketing at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College.
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When More Information Leads to More Uncertainty

Jun 09, 2020 // The coronavirus pandemic leaves us in a quandary: Our natural instinct is to try to resolve our intense feelings of uncertainty, but there is so much uncertainty around the virus and its effects that a quest for complete resolution is futile. So what can we do?
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The Hidden Influence of Numerical Formats

Jun 06, 2018 // Tuck professor Ellie Kyung finds slider scales have a powerful effect on consumer payments.
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Top Courses at Tuck, According to Students

Apr 18, 2018 // One of my favorite courses in Tuck’s core curriculum is Marketing with Professor Kyung. Her ability to bring students’ previous work experiences into the classroom is very impressive...
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Betting on People

Jan 16, 2018 // Marketing professor Ellie J. Kyung took an unconventional path to Tuck, guided by a simple principle: Follow the people you trust.
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Hate Today’s Politics? How to Teach Kids About Tolerance

Oct 19, 2017 // Kneel? Lock arms? Don’t appear at all? However NFL players are responding to the national anthem before the football game, one thing is clear: They are divided...
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High Marks for Students Competing in Annual Case Challenges

Apr 14, 2017 // Students leveraged lessons learned from Professor Ellie Kyung’s marketing course and presented to Robin Hayes, CEO of JetBlue, along with his executive team...
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What If a Five-Star Rating was Actually Bad?

Feb 15, 2017 // In her latest research on consumer behavior and decision making, Tuck associate professor Ellie Kyung investigates what happens to consumer judgment when our rating system is turned upside down.
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Prices and Memory: Leave It to Intuition

Apr 23, 2013 // Ellie Kyung says you may be better off not pondering what you used to pay.
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Take This Course

Apr 16, 2013 // A sampling of Tuck’s unique electives unveils a curriculum both deep and wide.
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Pressure Mounts for Winter Retailers

Feb 09, 2012 // The first step in terms of driving consumers towards purchase is this need recognition...
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