Research & Publications


Book Chapter

Working Papers

  • With S. Tully and C. Cryder, "Not All Debt is Created Equal: Financial Well-being and Debt Preferences Depend on Debt Form"
  • With S. Tully and X. Wang, "Effects of Resource Scarcity on Choices"
  • With S. Tully and G. Appel, "Seeking the Extraordinary: Financial Well-being and Interest in Superheroes" 

Selected Research in Progress

  • With S. Blanchard, "On monetary flows"
  • With R. Hill, "Consumer vulnerability"
  • With U. Karmarkar, "Money on the brain"
  • With P. Keller, A. Paley, and S. Tully, “Subjective wealth and receptiveness to price deals” 
  • With R. Meyer and S. Tully, “Utility of purchases” 
  • With V. Morwitz, J. Klein, and A. John, “Proactive charitable giving” 
  • With S. Santana, "On savings"
  • With S. Tully “On subjective wealth”