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Hate Globalization? Then Embrace Stagnation

May 16, 2019 // Highlights research by Andrew Bernard and Teresa Fort showing the effects of offshoring on a company’s domestic employment and production.
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Ignore Trump’s whining. It turns out U.S. manufacturing was surging all along

Nov 22, 2017 // Cites research by Andrew Bernard in an article about the strength of U.S. manufacturing and the perception that the sector has shrunk. Bernard found that some manufacturing firms have changed their methods so drastically in recent decades that they are no longer considered manufacturers in economic statistics.
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Importers are Exporters: Tariffs Would Hurt Our Most Competitive Firms

Dec 07, 2016 // Cites research co-authored by Andrew Bernard in an article that discusses how there’s no way to punish importers without hurting the top US exporters. Bernard’s research provides an explanation for the tight relationship between importing and exporting.
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If Your Country Has Never Won an Olympic Medal, the Odds Are It Never Will

Aug 19, 2016 // Cites a model created by Andrew Bernard, the Jack Byrne Professor of International Economics, that had a 96 percent accuracy rate when predicting the Sydney and Athens Olympic Games.
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How to predict Olympic results before the games even start

Jul 22, 2016 // A feature article about the Rio 2016 Olympic medal predictions made by Camila Gonzales T'16, using a formula created by Andrew Bernard, the Jack Byrne Professor of International Economics.
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The World's Most Influential Scientific Minds

Apr 30, 2014 // Recognizes Andrew Bernard as one of the most influential economics and business researchers based on a decade of citation data
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What 50 Years of Bullet Trains Have Done for Japan

Oct 07, 2014 // Highlights a study led by Andrew Bernard that examines the effect of Japan’s bullet trains at the firm level.
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A Handful of Elite Business Schools are also Academic Powerhouses

Sep 24, 2014 // Andrew Bernard is mentioned as one of "higher education's rock stars" for his study on multiproduct exporters in Belgium.
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The Furor Over “Factoryless” Manufacturers

Jul 24, 2014 // Professor Andrew Bernard says companies like Apple should be counted as manufacturers in government statistics.
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U.S. Agencies Consider Redefining Manufacturing

Mar 17, 2014 // The Wall Street Journal mentions research by Andrew Bernard and Teresa Fort that "estimated the redefinition would have added anywhere from 431,000 to nearly two million workers to the manufacturing sector in the 2007 Census survey."
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Export or Die

May 31, 2010 // With demand at home at rock bottom, American firms are looking abroad.
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