Research & Publications


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  • “Collective Thought: Network Structure and Convergent Neural Activity in Groups” with Beau Sievers and Thalia Wheatley.
  • “Is a Network A Network? On the Limits of Generalizability in Network Research” with Exequiel Hernandez and Andrew Shipilov.
  • “On Agency and its Limits: The Asymmetric Effects of Offsites on Tie Formation” with Madeline King Kneeland.
  • “Personality, Structural Preferences and Social Networks” with Hillary Anger Elfenbein and Daisung Jang.
  • “The Role of Centrality in the Perception of Descriptive Social Norms” with Daniel C. Feiler and Jennifer Dannals.
  • “Cognition and Networks” with Edward Bishop Smith, Raina Brands and Matthew Brashears.
  • “Exploring Gender Difference in Network Responsiveness to Intra-organizational Mobility” with Evelyn Zhang and Brandy Aven.
  • "How People Mix at Mixers" with Adrienne Wood and Thalia Wheatley.
  • “The Peacock Effect: Network Recall, Extraversion, and the Affordances of Opportunity” with Daniel C. Feiler.
  • “Social Neuroplasticity and the Network Origins of Cognitive Inertia” with Carolyn Parkinson and Thalia Wheatley.
  • “Network Consequences of Endogenous Team Formation” with Taya Cohen.